Fall TV Review

Fall TV Review

The League (FX): A fantastically hysterical show about fantasy football.  But wait ladies!  It mocks it in a way that the women LOL and the men don’t really realize they are being mocked.  The premiere episode included the Shiva Bowl Shuffle and training of the men the way you would train dogs.  You will laugh from the beginning to the end of each episode.

Suburgatory (ABC): Took me forever to figure out where the dad was from and someone pointed out that it was “Rollin With the Homies” dude Elton from Clueless.  So far, kinda cute.  I like the daughter.  She’s sarcastic and reminds me of Emma Stone, and not just because of the red hair.  I enjoy any program that makes fun of suburban nonsense and there is a LOT of it.

Two Broke Girls (CBS): Watched the first two episodes and maybe laughed once.  Disappointing.

Sons of Anarchy (FX): Been a fan of this “biker gang” show since the beginning and this season follows the same seasonal plot with a few welcome changes.  They have a problem with some group and things get intense and there is usually a cliffhanger and/or someone dies.  This season brings new faces who each bring something unique.  I am enjoying the infighting with the SAM CRO club members.

The New Girl (FOX): So cute.  Three male roommates take in Jess, who they rescue from a bad breakup.  The guys are just as funny and quirky as Jess.  I enjoy Zooey Deschanel in this role and I like the dynamic between all of them.  You just know there will be a hook up between Jess and one of the roommates.

Free Agents (NBC): Boring with a capital B.  I like many of the comedians on this show which is why I gave it a shot but it won’t be lasting.

Parks and Recreation (NBC): All the main characters work in Pawnee government, specifically the Parks and Recreation department.  I have always loved this show and each season gets better than the last.  The writing is great, but I think the cast makes this show as perfect as a comedy can get.  Amy Poehler, Rob Lowe, Chris Pratt, Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman are brilliant.  The supporting cast members are equally funny.  If I mention “DJ Roomba” only the cool kids in the room get the reference.  My all time favorite episode was “The Flu” and have kept it on my DVR for when I needed a laugh.

Glee (FOX): Sorry to say that I am starting to give up on Glee.  I was a huge Gleek in the beginning.  There was amazing music and great comedy.  Lately, it has gone downhill.  I am over all the focus on Kurt, Rachel and Finn.  The latest with Mercedes is just plain dumb.  Maybe I am just too darn old to enjoy this show anymore.  I will keep getting the CDs though so I can jam out to the tunes.

Whitney (NBC): I am on the fence with Whitney.  The whole live audience is throwing me off a bit.  I’ve been to studio tapings where they want you to laugh out loud at every line and it is more than obvious this is what is happening.  I like Whitney Cummings’s comedy and her character is much like her actual personality.  Her two gal pals on the show bring out the best in Whitney’s character.

American Horror Story (FX): Just from the previews I knew I was going to like this show and it did not disappoint.  If anyone enjoyed Nip/Tuck, you will enjoy this show.  It is deliciously creepy with weird creatures, a two-faced maid and a family trying to make it through their messes.  I like Connie Britton although her acting could use a little work if I’m being really honest.  Dylan McDermott is gorgeous and intriguing in this role.  The sister of Vera Farmiga, Taissa Farmiga plays the daughter in the family and I like her “I don’t take shit from anyone” attitude.  Jessica Lange is scary on so many levels.  I was grateful I didn’t have nightmares of Scuba Steve screwing me.

Up All Night (NBC): Quirky as hell.  Will Arnett is great in this role.  He is the perfect combination of geek and playful dad.  Christina Applegate is okay in her role as mom.  She is growing on me.  Maya Rudolph is perfect as Ava.  Huge ego and total spaz.

Project Runway All-Stars (Lifetime): This show doesn’t come out until November but it does look promising.  Just the fact that they are bringing back Mondo, who should have won, makes it worth watching.  I just have to stomach Heidi Klum’s holier than thou attitude.  Tim Gunn makes up for it with his sweet dad personality.

Modern Family (ABC): Still as funny as ever.  All those Emmy’s this past season were very much deserved.  They got a new Lily which was a bit of a bummer.  Phil and Claire are still my favorites because they remind me a bit of me and my husband.

Breaking Bad (AMC): Although this show is almost done for the season, it is worth mentioning that this is one of the most intense and brilliant shows on television.  Each episode leaves you hanging on the edge of your couch and counting down the hours until the next one.

And you thought you watched a lot of television!