Utilizing Your Local Library

Utilizing Your Local Library

If you are strapped for cash and cannot afford the newest book by your favorite author, or want to see a movie, or even want to play a board game, your library may have the solution.  Libraries now offer such an array of services and using those services has never been easier.

Back when I was in grade school, I only went to the library when I had to do research for a project or paper.  Now I’m there weekly taking advantage of all they have to offer.

First, find your local library online and go to their website.  You can see the latest events happening, hours, new books coming in and more.  You can also create an account once you have a library card.  You can search for any item to see if any libraries in the system carry it as well as requesting that item.  When you request an item, it is sent to your local or “home” library for you to pick up.  They even notify you once it comes in.  Talk about service!  You can also track your “reading history” which will list everything you check out.

If you are quick to request a newer movie, chances are you will receive it within 1-2 weeks of it coming out on DVD.  Same goes with new books.  Not too shabby for a free service.

Some libraries have video games, free access to Ancestry.com, free internet access, reading contests, and book clubs.  My library even puts you on a list for automatic holds for your favorite author’s new books.  So dust off your old library card today!


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