I think there should be a company where you can get all the ingredients for a recipe measured out, ready to go, shipped to you. You get to pick the ingredients, measurements and voila, you’re ready to go. Just like how things are set up on a cooking show for the host. Lazy cooking.

Driving Dont’s

Driving Dont’s

– If a car is turning right in front of you, do not swerve around it causing the person behind you to slam on their brakes. This applies double if you drive an SUV, van or truck.

– If you absolutely have to cut me off, use a signal and wave thank you. Thank you.

– If you are driving like molasses and I go to pass you don’t decide to suddenly speed up so that I can’t.

– Do not ride my ass if a) there is a car in front of me slowing both of us down b) I’m already going 5-10mph over the speed limit c)u are a large semi truck (that is scary!)

– Speaking of semi trucks, stay out of the left lane when on highways. I don’t care if it is a law or not. Get out!

– If you are driving and putting on eye makeup, I may have to hit you just to teach you a lesson. I’ve seen several women drive while putting mascara on. Morons.

– Along the same lines, you cannot drive, talk on your phone AND smoke a cigarette. Stop trying to.

– If I let you in and you do not wave thank you, you’re a douche.

– If I beep at you I guarantee it is for a reason and you giving me the finger does not make you less of an asshole.

I know this is a lot to ask. Then again, it centers around common courtesy and common sense so maybe not so much after all.