Nightmare Neighbors – part 1

Nightmare Neighbors – part 1

I have had so many issues with neighbors over the years that I just had to put it on paper, so to speak.  Neighbors take note!

I’m going to begin with my very first apartment which was in Lincoln Park, IL when I was going to college in the city.  Our neighbors weren’t too bad with the exception of one thing…they wore their heels ALL the time on hardwood floors at all hours.  So we would hear click clack click clack all day long.  Annoying.

My next apartment was in Des Plaines, IL.  I was done with college and working my first real full time job.  I lived by myself.  I had a neighbor down the hall from me who was abusive to his wife/girlfriend to the point that my floor would shake, I’d hear him shoving her into things and screaming at her with things like “fuck you bitch”.  Needless to say the cops were frequently called.  One time the cops came out and I could hear the guy yelling “You think I’m afraid of going to jail? I just got out.”  I left a pamphlet for an abuse hotline at their doorstep.

At this same apartment, we had a really old guy on the floor below me who was a chronic smoker and left his front door open all the time because he didn’t want the smoke in his place.  Do you see this logic?  He didn’t want the smoke in his place so he opened the door and contaminated our whole building instead.  Lovely.

After that I moved to Burbank, IL with my boyfriend.  Yes, I moved a lot.  This was my nicest apartment yet.  I really can’t complain much about this one.  I would like to mention, however, our upstairs neighbor who was a college guy who would bring home a different chick every other day and they all put on quite a show in the bedroom, which we heard every detail of.  I think my boyfriend secretly wanted to hi-five him.  Tee hee.

To be continued…

Courtesy of The Boston Globe Magazine

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