Nightmare Neighbors – Part 2

Nightmare Neighbors – Part 2

Where to begin with this latest building? My husband and I have lived in our Chicago Ridge building for almost 5 years now and it certainly has been an interesting five years!  We have had two separate neighbors who decided it was a good idea to move in at 11:00 pm at night.  One on a weeknight and one on a Sunday.  Our neighbors across the hall fought constantly.  The female got arrested at some point for hitting her baby daddy and she was going on and on about “blood getting all over her carpet”.  I’m pretty sure she was high.  We had a family that lived downstairs and their pre-teen boys loved to play basketball indoors, against the ceiling and walls.  And the boys were left unattended with other kids to do whatever they pleased every Sunday night between 9pm-1am.  Did I mention our walls are paper thin?  Like we-can-hear-each-other-going-to-the- bathroom-thin.  So this was incredibly loud.  Shortly after this Arabic family moved out, the FBI came around with a picture of the wife asking questions about their whereabouts and comings and goings.  That was reassuring.

The neighbors we share a kitchen wall with, they like to fight too.  She likes to throw and break things and yell things like “stop being lazy like a n*gger”.  Yeah, classy all the way.  The couple who lived their before them, the wife was such a loony bin (and looked it too) that we named her “the banshee”.  A lot of “where were you?” and “who were you with?” was heard through the walls.  Our current neighbor likes to play loud music, about half of which is good.  So it isn’t a problem until he decides to play club beats at 11:00 pm on a Sunday.  What is it about 11:00 pm?  He also plays this bizzaro drum/chanting/constantly repetitive thing that I think is a sound machine to help sleep or something.  However, it is annoying as hell, especially when you hear the same ‘bomb going off’ type noise, every 30 seconds, for 6 hours on end.  I was never more sure I wanted to harm someone than after listening to that for SIX hours.

But that is not even the worst of it.  The fucktards who moved in downstairs were truly neighbors from hell.  There were at least 5 college guys, living in a 2 bedroom, who all rotated between 10 cars.  Why they needed so many cars, I do not know.  They smoked weed and cigarettes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Might I mention, our building is smoke-free, as in, no smoking allowed.  Signs are by every door.  Their weed smoke was so bad, it was cloudy in our apartment.  CLOUDY.  After battling them on this issue over and over, they finally got a little better and either smoked mainly in the bathroom with the fan on, or outside.  Obviously they did not like this inconvenience because they proceeded to repeatedly rev their loud car engines nightly at all hours.  Again, it bears repeating that our walls are paper thin.  They would also blare their car stereos.  All of the neighbors had an issue with their behavior.  Even ones across the parking lot in another building because that is how loud they were.  In their driving while high stupor, they tried backing into a parking spot and scraped the side of our one neighbor’s new car.  Another neighbor asked them to turn down their car music and they spit all over his car.  After months of this, the association FINALLY did something.  They got an eviction notice and were out within a month.  My husband and I celebrated with some champagne and I never slept so well.


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