Nightmare Neighbors – Part 3

Nightmare Neighbors – Part 3

So, the moral of my Nightmare Neighbors Part 1 & 2 is that you need to be respectful and courteous of those who live around you.  Some rules to live by in shared living situations:

  1. Everyone around you is usually paying just as much as you are to live there.  Remember that you are living in a shared space!
  2. Treat others as you wish to be treated.  Duh.
  3. If you live in a non-smoking building, do not smoke indoors.  There are plenty of places that allow smoking where you can live.  Don’t stink up my house.
  4. If you have thin walls, know that what you can hear through the walls, your neighbors can hear too.  If you are having a party wrap it up at a decent hour or at least give your neighbors a forewarning that you’re having a party and it might go late.
  5. Don’t play loud music at all hours of the night or at all.  That’s what the volume knob and headphones are for.
  6. We all argue.  If you are fighting with your roomie/mate, keep it to a minimum or at least don’t throw things.
  7. Move in/out at a decent hour.
  8. Keep the general noise level to a minimum (i.e. kids running around, dogs barking, hallway noise, etc.)
  9. If people live below you, for goodness sake, put felt pads on the bottom of your kitchen chairs.
  10. If there are chronic rule violators, report it!  Don’t assume someone else will, and know the more people who report it, the faster the situation is resolved.
  11. Keep any common areas clean and safe.  Pick up your dog poop.  Help pick up garbage outside and in hallways.  Keep an eye out for anyone/anything suspicious in your building or outside it.  Help shovel snow or put down salt in winter.

I’d like to add that at no time, ever, in the history of my renting, have I had the cops called on me, the landlord or association say their was a complaint or neighbors complain to me about an issue.  So I’d like to think I’m a proper neighbor who can dole out this advice.


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