Celltei Pak-o-Bird Review

Celltei Pak-o-Bird Review

We purchased the Celltei Pak-o-Bird, African Grey model, for our Timneh African Grey. Although it was pretty pricey, it was well worth it.  (Let me say this is in no way a paid review.  I feel it is important for bird owners to review bird products, as there is a lot of misinformation out there.)  So, here are the pro’s and con’s…



  • Incredibly sturdy materials and paneling
  • Tons of room for wing stretching, flapping, etc.
  • Zippers and other temptations are covered and/or chew resistant
  • Has optional covers/shades for front and sides, allowing the bird to get accustomed to the carrier and “hide” or get shade from the sun as needed.
  • The front screen allows the bird to look out while still feeling and being protected.
  • Easy to get bird in and out of carrier.  This was especially important at the Vet and was 90% less stressful for our parrot than her old carrier.
  • Comes with a wood perch, 2 cups, has hooks inside for toys
  • Has a top handle for carrying or backpack straps to wear.  The backpack straps also are cushioned and allow for more comfort.
  • Easy to clean plastic bottom.  Line with newspaper or paper towels.
  • The company was quick to answer any questions I had.  


  • It is expensive.  I appreciate the quality of the product and the innovation of this product is brilliant, but this was a major purchase for us.
  • The cups/cup holders are NOT sturdy.  Our parrot likes to stand on her cups and these turn 360 degrees.  Useful for placing on the bottom to eat out of but I don’t see being able to put water in them whether in the cup holder or sitting on the bottom without a big mess.
  • The perch was difficult to fit because the “screw” portions were not long enough to fit 2 washers.  We barely made it fit with 1 washer, so it isn’t as stabilized as it could be.
  • It is very large.  The weight is fine, but we probably could have gotten a smaller model which would not have been as bulky.  We could fit 4 parrots in there.
  • There are seatbelt holes on the back to strap it into a car, much like a car seat, however the way they are placed and the size makes it virtually impossible to strap it in.

I have yet to take our parrot for a hike with us due to the weather, but once I do, I will do a part 2 to this review.  I know of a few others who own one of these and are happy with it.  If you are considering purchasing one of these fantastic carriers, ask tons of questions to make sure you are getting the perfect one for your bird.

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