Breaking Bad – My predictions – Mega spoiler alerts!

Breaking Bad – My predictions – Mega spoiler alerts!

Breaking Bad is by far my favorite show.  I cannot get enough of it.  It is so intense and so well written.  I never thought in a million years I would get into a show like this.  Having said that, I am dying to see what happens come August.  It is the final season and only has 6 or 8 episodes to wrap everything up.  Again, this contains spoiler alerts!  You’ve been warned.

Here’s how I see it maybe playing out:  Hank has discovered Walt is Heisenberg at the end of last season.  

  1. Hank goes after Walt without letting anyone know.  He discovers Skylar has known all along what Walt was up to.  Walt discovers that Hank is onto him and ends up threatening Marie.  Skylar kills Walt.  The end.
  2. Hank doesn’t believe it can be true.  He digs into it further and thinks that Skylar is behind everything and Walt is covering for her.  
  3. Walt finds out Hank knows.  He hires someone to kill Hank.  Marie gets killed in the process and possibly Skylar if she is with Marie.  Hank escapes (or isn’t even there) and upon discovering Marie dead, he goes ape shit.  He tries to kill Walt but Walt kills him first.
  4. Jessie dies.  Not sure how but my gut tells me he is going down because most people adore him and it will hold the most impact.
  5. Hank goes to Skylar and reveals what he has found out.  Hank realizes that Skylar has known all along.  He tries to take down both of them and Marie is in denial about the whole thing.  No clue how this would play out.
  6. Walt somehow finds out that everyone knows he is Heisenberg and after gradually taking out everyone including Skylar, his son finds out what Walt has done and kills him.  Walt Jr. is the hero.

It is going to be craziness and lots of people are going to die.  I can’t wait to see how it plays out.


2 thoughts on “Breaking Bad – My predictions – Mega spoiler alerts!

  1. LOL at #6…my guess is Walt knows Hank is onto him, asks Jesse to help him kill Hank. They set up some kind of plan, and Skylar somehow gets tipped off. She alerts Hank ahead of time and Walt and Jesse’s plan goes to shit. There is a shootout between DEA and Walt/Jesse. In an emotional climax, Jesse tells Walt he won’t make it in prison, runs out firing his gun wildly and gets shot, dies. Walt has no choice but to surrender, gets arrested, will face life in prison. As he’s being taken away, he looks out the cop car window to see Skylar and Walt Jr. standing there..Skylar has a “told you so” look and Walt Jr. is devastated. The End.

    One or more main characters is def going to die, I hope Skylar, but it will be Jesse, Hank, or Walt Jr. Somehow, Walt will not die because he has to live with some sort of regret or shame. The only way Walt dies is if Hank shoots him. Or Skylar…Shit, ok there’s a chance Walt will die too lol

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