“Conscious” Eater

“Conscious” Eater

I have a new category of eater: the conscious eater.  I’m not a vegetarian, nor a vegan or any of those other categories.  However, I am a conscious eater.  Simply stated, I try to be conscious of what I’m eating.

I eat free range eggs.  I eat minimal meat.  I never eat disgusting things like foie gras and won’t even eat somewhere it is served because I am that against it.  I find shark fin soup to be appalling in every way and wish it was outlawed.  I’m pretty sure I could never travel to Asia where they serve up all kinds of animals at restaurants.  I’d be in tears or harming the manager.

I have basil, tomatoes, and peppers in my tiny balcony garden.  When I have a house down the road, I hope to have a huge garden full of veggies.

I try to shop at/support local farm stands over the local grocery store.  I frequent Chipotle because their animals are free range.  I just feel better eating meat knowing they at least had a somewhat decent quality of life before being turned into food.  I buy many things from Trader Joe’s that support conscious eating.

So my hope is that this will catch on and there can be an in-between between carnivores and vegetarians.


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