Make Your Wedding Your Own

Make Your Wedding Your Own

Here are just some of the ways I was able to make my wedding unique to myself and my husband-to-be:

Table names

Wedding table name

The easiest way to add a personal touch to your wedding that everyone will see.  After running through several ideas, I decided to name the tables after places that were special to us.  Then on the tables I described why each place held meaning.


custom wedding cake

I designed my own cake.  I basically looked for images of cakes that I liked and combined them all.  I created a very rough sketch to the bakery and viola!

Wedding Invitations

Invitations are often boring or if you want ones that are unique, you will typically pay a fortune for them.  Go with what you love.  Our theme of love birds came about when I found the image of a bird in a tree when on VistaPrint.  I edited the image by adding another bird and it just grew from there.  Now, VistaPrint is not for a novice when it comes to custom invites.  It took me a LONG time to design the invitations and had to order a sample of everything to make sure it printed well.  Below: the bottom half of our invitations.

wedding invitation


If you are a girly girl like me and love flowers, you will have a field day when it comes to your wedding.  I found flowers I loved and worked with my florist to create the perfect bouquets and centerpieces.  A good florist will get you a small sampling of the flowers you want/like and will go through designs with you.  I was thrilled with how they turned out the day of the wedding.



It isn’t always easy to get your husband-to-be involved with the fun, but mine got his own personal touch with wearing these White Sox cufflinks with his tuxedo.
Sox cufflinks

Rehearsal Dinner

Something that was fast, easy and FREE (very rare) was a custom crossword puzzle.  I found several sites online that allow you to create clues and answers and then you hit a button and it creates a crossword puzzle for you on the spot.  I was able to save it as a PDF and printed it on pretty paper.  This was a huge hit at the rehearsal dinner and had our guests guessing at answers and wagering on who knew us best.

Even though you may not be a DIY bride like I was, a little creativity goes a long way and will make your wedding stand out.


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