There Are 2 Speeds on I-294: 75 mph & Slam on the Brakes

There Are 2 Speeds on I-294: 75 mph & Slam on the Brakes

Drivers are out of control.

When did it become okay for car after car to, instead of waiting in the line like the rest of us, cut off the line, cut off a car and swoop in at the last second to exit an expressway.  The perfect example is the ramp to get off at 95th Street on I-294.  You get a 5-mile sign notification that it is coming up.  The last mile is an exit only lane.  So there’s no excuse.  Unbelievably dangerous, especially when semis are flying down the lane at 50 mph that they are stopping in.  I see the same thing daily with the on-ramps too.  Car after car cutting over at the last second because they can’t wait 5 minutes like the rest of us with some common courtesy.

Why can't people wait their turn?
Why can’t people wait their turn?

Almost getting in a 6 car pile up was the final straw to any driver’s sanity I had left stored up.  There were a line of cars at a dead stop and I could not see around the car in front of me.  Luckily I follow the 2 second rule and there was enough space between me and the car in front of me.  He decided he couldn’t be bothered with even slowing down, much less stopping and flew into the next lane causing me to slam on my brakes.  The car behind me swerved into the shoulder.  The car behind him swerved into the lane to the right.  The car in that lane slammed on the brakes.  And so on.  To say hearing all that brake screeching was terrifying is a gross understatement.

Every single day I see at least 1 car have to swerve onto the shoulder to prevent hitting the car in front of them.  Every day.

Let’s not forget the people who will be on the tail of the car in front of them while going 80 mph.  Super smart.  I did crack up the other day when I saw a bumper sticker that said “If you’re going to ride my ass, at least pull my hair.”  Hahahaha.

People are in way too much of a hurry all the time and are entirely too distracted.  That is a deadly combination.

My biggest rant of this post is for all the women I have seen putting on eye makeup WHILE driving.  I’m not talking at a light, I’m talking WHILE driving.  WTF is wrong with you people?!  How is it that you think it’s possible to see where you are going and apply eye shadow at the same time?  And really, no one will give a rats ass about how your eyes looked when you end up killing someone.

I really need a chauffeur.


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