“I’m So Broke” – cried the Wolf

“I’m So Broke” – cried the Wolf

It makes me a little insane every time I hear someone saying how broke they are or how they have no money or how they
don’t get paid enough. Then an hour later then are talking about how they had a wild weekend with friends, partying it
up. Or they talk about the new shoes they just bought. Or how they’re going on vacation next month. Or how they just
got concert tickets. Or how they lost their phone (again).

Listen up! Truly having no money means not being able to go out with your loved one to celebrate your anniversary.
Having to only ever buy groceries that are on sale. Buying clothes from second hand stores or garage sales or Craigslist.
You want to see newer movies or read the latest books? Library it is! Not being able to afford a car wash. Turning
down wedding invites because you can’t afford the gift. Turning down a night out with friends. Skipping your family’s
Christmas grab bag. Having credit card debt up to your ears.

THIS is what having no money looks like. It’s a brutally painstaking and exhausting process to pinch pennies all the
time, but for those of us that have to do it, it would be nice if everyone else was a little more sensitive to what others
are going through and didn’t callously throw around “I’m so broke”.  Thank you kindly.


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