Karma’s A Bitch

Karma’s A Bitch

Yes, I truly believe in karma and live my life accordingly.  You do good things and are a good person and it comes back to you.  On the flip side if you do bad things and are a cruel person, you will have bad things happen to you.  I try to live my life so that good karma comes my way, and avoid doing things that may come back to bite me in the ass.

Having said all that, my husband and I keep having strings of bad luck.  I also know others who are good people who just cant catch a break.  I know of one person who just found out he has cancer who got in 2 car accidents in one year.

So as an example, my husband and I are great neighbors.  We are nice to those who live around us, watch out for them, we don’t smoke or party or do drugs, and we are pretty quiet.  Yet, we have had 2 truly horrific neighbors now.  Two in a row, that have been so bad we have had to involve the police and association on both accounts.  This puzzles me.  How does karma apply here?

When we got our parrot, she was happy and healthy as far as we could tell.  She was also the best thing that ever happened to us.  We adored her.  We also adopted her from a friend who could no longer care for her despite a few reservations we had about potential costs.  About a year later, we find out she has a horrible disease that wears away at her nervous system and will eventually cause her death.  There is no cure.  Is this just life and death or is this karma?

My husband is the nicest, kindest, warmest person I know.  He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.  I will admit that I’m pessimistic which causes all kinds of issues, but can honestly say I’m a good person who cares for others and tries to make the world a little better as often as I can.  We are good, we are kind, we are compassionate.  Yet over and over again, we run into bad luck.  Everyone keeps telling us “this is your year, I feel it”.  God I hope so cuz these past few years have been beyond tough.  I try to understand karma as best I can and keep her pleased so that one of these days, things may finally go our way.



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