Financial Safety Net

Financial Safety Net

How much do you need in your bank account to feel “safe”?  What is your financial safety net?  I often hear Suze Orman in my head yelling at me for one thing or another when it comes to money.  “Why are you taking that place when you can’t afford it?  Why aren’t you saving more each paycheck?  You can’t afford those sandals!”  And I love her for it, I do.  And we are not spenders.  We are extremely conscience of every single purchase we make and don’t spend money on non-essentials.

About twice a month, or when I usually pay the bulk of our bills, I have a panic attack when I look at what is in our bank account.  Part of it is that we’ve had a recurring stream of bad luck whether it’s job loss, pets getting ill, health situations, car issues, etc. where we keep having to shell out large sums of money.  So my knee jerk reaction is to panic when we get below a certain amount.  I need a safety net and we are currently way below where I’d like us to be.  I’m just wondering, does everyone have a safety net? 


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