Walgreens New Pharmacy Design

Walgreens New Pharmacy Design

I was just in a newly revamped Walgreens Pharmacy.  I was pretty impressed with the modernization. Here are some of the improvements.

There is a special line just for questions.  Like an ‘ask the pharmacist’ line.  Pretty great idea to avoid waiting in line behind someone who has 20 questions when you just want your scripts.

There is a “television screen” that shows the customer first name and last initial and the status of your prescription.  Really cool!  The only thing that was not thought all the way through was that you have to walk all the way back to the pharmacy and turn a corner to see it.  It should be viewable throughout the store so you can shop and periodically glance up to see if your stuff is ready.

There was also an option to get a text message when your prescription was ready.  I think this may have been in place already but I’m not sure.  This is way better than getting a phone call with a recorded message from them telling you it is ready.

The prescriptions are all behind closed doors now, allowing for a cleaner look as well as some added privacy.

They also had an express pay screen off to the side, but I’m not really sure exactly how that works since I think you still have to wait in line to pick up the prescription, even if you have already paid for it.

There are also more than 2 chairs.  I think there were 5 chairs available to sit in while waiting instead of the usual.

Overall, some nice improvements.  I still wish they would hire more people.  It is rare that you can get in and get out when picking up a prescription, especially around 5:00/6:00 pm.  But the minor improvements are appreciated.  If only we can get free popcorn while waiting.



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