What Constitutes A Good Boss?

What Constitutes A Good Boss?

What constitutes a good boss?  I think it’s different for everyone, but then I think there are some traits that most people would want from their boss.  I also think what you want in a boss is often completely different than what you want out of upper management or your co-workers.

I have had some, let’s just say, interesting, bosses.  When I interned early on, I had a boss that swore at me. Later in life I had one who threw temper tantrums, literally, in the office.  I also had one who did not support me in ANY capacity.  She did not like me, and decided no matter how hard I worked or how well I supported my team, she would criticize me and make my life hell.  She also made another co-worker’s life hell so her and I bonded over that, at least and we still joke about it 6 years later.  I’ve also had 2 pretty good bosses which only after having the bad ones can I really appreciate.

I’ve been very lucky with co-workers, and have often become closer with co-workers by sharing our experiences, good or bad with our bosses.  Of course there is always at least one who doesn’t pull their weight or who treats others like underlings, but overall I’ve met some wonderful people who have helped me get through some bad days at work and also helped me celebrate a job well done.

So, back to the initial topic.  What makes a good boss?

1. A boss that supports you.  Good feedback.  Valid criticisms.  Has your back.  When needed, will go to bat for your team.  Pun intended.

2. Someone who is consistent.  What you ask of me, ask of everyone else on the team.  (Be fair)

3. Acknowledge a job well done.

4. Set a good example.  Talk the talk then walk the walk.

5. Be human.  Yes, you are our boss, yes you have take on a managerial role, but be human.  Joke around with the team, show us you are one of us.  It’s the equivalent of when you are in grade school and see your teacher at the grocery store.  It’s like, hey, they shop too!  They’re just like us!

6. Listen.  And help.  Listen when you should.  Help when it is needed.  Do not micromanage.

Those are what I would say are the top 6 things that I think a good boss should practice.  I’d also be interested to hear the flip side of this.  What do bosses want from their team?  Not the job description responsibilities, but the main traits.  I’d like to hear feedback!



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