The Incomparable Mr. Williams

The Incomparable Mr. Williams

The world felt a little darker on August 11th, like a glimmer of happiness in each of us had gone out.

Courtesy of USA Today
Courtesy of USA Today

The world lost not just a brilliant comedian, but a gifted actor, giving humanitarian and gentle soul. Robin Williams sadly was battling depression and addiction and tragically lost his battle.  If nothing else comes of his death, I hope it will open more people eyes to the severity of depression and the ferocity of addiction.

The saddest thing I read on Twitter was from someone who said ‘if only he could’ve read all these tweets and felt all this love just a day earlier.’  We should show our love and appreciation for those that make our day a little better while we can.  Life is too short, and you just never know what a difference a little love can make to someone who desperately needs it.

We talked about some of our favorite Robin memories over the years at work the next day, sharing a laugh.  Some of my personal favorites of his were Patch Adams, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poet’s Society, and of course, his comedy.

That evening I went to the library and there was a man talking about how Robin touched his life through his comedy and shared this with the librarian.  She went on to say that all day people of all ages including children were sharing their stories with her about how much they loved Robin.  She said “it seems he touched people of all ages and in so many ways.”

I think one of the most touching things that came out of this was that there were several well known comedians who posted videos about their struggles with depression to bring about awareness and show how they cope with it.  Here is one example of Rob Delaney sharing his story.

There was a beautiful tribute from Disney as well.

I’d like to think the thunderstorms that followed his death that evening were a result of some roaring laughter up in heaven.  I hope you are at peace now Robin, and feeling just how much you are loved and how you will always be remembered.


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