One-offs: The Swiffer

One-offs: The Swiffer

How did people kill spiders before the Swiffer?  I have an extreme spider phobia, complete with the shakes, cold sweat, dizziness, it’s ridic.  So for someone like me, who wants nothing to do with spiders, but often finds herself home alone and having to kill one, this is a life saver!  Let me tell you, once you spot that thing you have to kill it.  This is not an option.  You cannot have that thing crawling around God knows where possibly crawling on you.  AND when you attempt to kill it, it has to be a one shot bulls eye that both kills and completely squashes every last inch of that thing, you can’t take any risk that you will miss it.

My Savior
My Savior

My handy dandy Swiffer allows me to:

  • Keep a good 4 feet distance from that spider
  • Hover over it closely ensuring I do not miss
  • A flat surface so that there are no grooves it can escape in
  • A large surface so I only have to take a quick peek at the spider, put up my Swiffer and crush
  • An easy to clean surface, one quick wipe (which is left for my husband.  I mean I killed it, I’m certainly not going up close to it and touching it)
  • You can easily rub it back and forth ensuring said spider has been completely quashed
  • Due to flat, large surface you can usually pull away the Swiffer and the spider doesn’t come falling down which could lead to screaming, more panic that it may be alive, etc.

In conclusion, I love my Swiffer.  It doesn’t wash floors great, but it’s great for gathering cobwebs and dust and of course what it was designed for, killing spiders!  Thank you my little green friend.


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