I will admit I am an anti-dentite.  If you have never seen this Seinfeld episode, this means you are anti-dentist, hating of all things dental.  I’ve had some pretty awful experiences at quite a few different dentist offices.  One involved being drowned in a sea of my own saliva and the water sprayer that left me gagging and drenched from the chest up.  But this isn’t about my loathing of dentists.  This is actually about germs.  Germs at the dentist.

Dentist Germs

I know they sterilize the instruments that they put in your mouth.  They take them out of the sealed packaging, lay them out in a certain order and on it goes.  What I’ve noticed time and again however, is dentists and their assistants put on their gloves then proceed to touch everything in the near vicinity after they’ve put their hands in your mouth, and again, after they have touched everything.  They touch the switch that lowers and raises your chair.  They grab the handle of the big light above you and adjust it.  They grab tons of drawer handles to get things out.  They grab the computer mouse and keyboard to make a note or check something.  They touch the xray machine thing that touches your cheek.  They adjust the stool they are sitting in.  They adjust their glasses, head light, face mask, hair.

I seriously doubt they wipe down every single surface in that room between each patient.  I cringe after every cabinet closes and back in my mouth that gloved hand goes.

This is a request to anyone working in my mouth for any reason.  Please do not put your gloves on until you have everything you need in front of you and ready to go, and if you do need to touch a non-sterilized surface, for the love of God, change your gloves after you do.  I will pay for a new pair.


This Anti-Dentite


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