One-offs: “Vote For Trump” + “Unite”= Oxymoron

One-offs: “Vote For Trump” + “Unite”= Oxymoron

I cannot wrap my head around how people who support Trump can sit back and say that we all need to come together now.  And it is being said by many, many of them. Trump was, and is, dead set on dividing us and creating more hate and emphasizing our differences and you voted for that.  So how can you now say we need to come together when you just voted for what this man stands for?  It’s completely hypocritical, completely contradictory, and makes zero sense. The same Trump voters who are telling us we should come together and work together are the same ones who fought Obama left and right. They spewed their hatred of him over the last eight years, didn’t support anything he tried to accomplish, and he couldn’t accomplish much because Congress refused to cooperate. Where were all of these “come together” people when all that was going on?

That’s all the Hillary supporters wanted, was for us to come together. To respect our differences. To treat each other like actual people. To stop the hate. By electing Trump all that goes out the window. How is it that people can’t see that?

*I know I am generalizing and not all Trump supporters hated Obama


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