Good People Still Exist

Good People Still Exist

We are bombarded every day with people hurting other people, committing crimes, people who want to do harm to others, people disrespecting every type of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and a president who represents xenophobia. 

It’s hard to remember sometimes that there are good people in the world.  It’s hard to focus on kind deeds the people who really do hold this country together do, and the people who make this the best place in the world to live. I have seen remarkable kindness, especially in the last year that I would like to share. 

These such kindnesses have been overwhelming.  As a new mom, as someone who has struggled with postpartum depression, with someone who has had a preemie, someone who lost her job, someone who is in a constant state of financial worry, and someone who has had one really, really, trying and tough year, I’ve been able to keep my head above water because of the kindness I’ve been shown. 

Family has been tremendous. Truly coming to the rescue on so many occasions. 

What surprises me most is how virtual strangers have come through to help. Tons of moms have come forward to help another mom in need; another mom struggling.  Not only do I have 2 wonderful groups of women who I met this year, some only virtually, who offer comfort and advice and encouragement, but they’ve also been so generous. Moms in Facebook groups I’m in, who don’t know me at all, giving me bottles or toys or sending gift cards. I’ve gotten bags and boxes of clothes, jugs of formula that weren’t going to be used anymore, a jumperoo and so much more!

I’ve been helped by organizations that are dedicated to assisting new moms who are struggling, offering free support in a variety of ways from diapers to therapy to even some free shopping fun. 

My therapist who is amazing!!! is now out-of-network with my new insurance which has a $6K deductible. She has offered to only charge me my copay so I wouldn’t have to find a new therapist. This meant THE world to me. 

People that gave away their moving supplies. I got about 40 boxes, bubble wrap and foam wrap for free. Saved me not only money but time going store to store asking for their boxes. 

A landlord who knew of my struggles and why I had to move, who let me out of my lease early with no penalties and an offer of a reference for the future. 

People offering to review my resume, keep their eyes peeled for positions for me. 

People offering to babysit while I unpack our new place, or go for an interview or if I just want some “me time.”

When there was an issue with my WIC check at the grocery store and an older gentleman in line behind me offered to pay for my baby food. 

I truly believe there is still good in this world. You sometimes have to search for it or be present enough to notice when it’s happening, but it is there. And it is not just in big gestures but the smallest of kindnesses that need to be acknowledged. 

I wish for a day when the news is filled with more good than bad. When the media decides to focus the shift from celebrities and killings and just the most ridiculous stories to things that matter, acts of kindness, people saving one another, and true American heroes. 

I do partially blame the media for this intense negativity that seems to just bombard us from every direction, on every social platform, every TV station, every magazine you open; it’s everywhere. Seek out the good stuff. The stuff that makes you smile. The stuff that encourages you. The stuff that makes you believe in humanity. So I wanted to do my little part to remind everyone that there are good people in this world and to have faith. 

What in the holy hell is happening?!

What in the holy hell is happening?!

Let me get this straight. Trump and his republicans dont want abortions. They pass an executive order basically making it almost impossible to get an abortion.
But wait! They also want to defund Planned Parenthood who provides contraceptives, educates on safe sex, helps will family planning (whether that involves having a family, adoption or abortion).

Then they also want to get rid of the ACA which would mean contraceptives for women would no longer be covered by insurance as it previously was.

Let’s not forget how crazy expensive adoption is, and how difficult they make the process.

Then the systems that support new mothers who need help, they do not want these either.

Guess what? You cant have it both ways. Are you going to pay for my $25-35/month birth control? I thought not. Are you changing adoption laws? I think not. Are you providing other organizations similar to Planned Parenthood sans the abortion stuff? Nope.

I dont hear anything about sterilizing men or saving precious sperm. Why is all this on the women? All these laws restricting what we do with our bodies, our lives? Are we not allowed to engage in sex anymore because the consequences are too dire?
So best of luck ladies.