What in the holy hell is happening?!

What in the holy hell is happening?!

Let me get this straight. Trump and his republicans dont want abortions. They pass an executive order basically making it almost impossible to get an abortion.
But wait! They also want to defund Planned Parenthood who provides contraceptives, educates on safe sex, helps will family planning (whether that involves having a family, adoption or abortion).

Then they also want to get rid of the ACA which would mean contraceptives for women would no longer be covered by insurance as it previously was.

Let’s not forget how crazy expensive adoption is, and how difficult they make the process.

Then the systems that support new mothers who need help, they do not want these either.

Guess what? You cant have it both ways. Are you going to pay for my $25-35/month birth control? I thought not. Are you changing adoption laws? I think not. Are you providing other organizations similar to Planned Parenthood sans the abortion stuff? Nope.

I dont hear anything about sterilizing men or saving precious sperm. Why is all this on the women? All these laws restricting what we do with our bodies, our lives? Are we not allowed to engage in sex anymore because the consequences are too dire?
So best of luck ladies.


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