Calling Inventors

Calling Inventors

It’s 2018. I feel we could use technological improvements in these areas.  Feel free to use these ideas!

  • Hair coloring – it stinks and burns my eyes.  I know, major first world problem, but I’m still going to complain about it.  Us ladies need better than this.
  • Birth control pills minus all the risks like blood clots, cancer, etc.  Again, ladies, we need to demand better for our bodies and lives.
  • A garbage bag holder/opener so when u collect garbage the bag doesn’t fold over and stuff gets everywhere.  There HAS to be an invention around the corner for this.
  • A baby diaper pail product that actually controls odors. Nothing has worked. Ever.  We tried them all and air fresheners only go so far.  Best solution: use grocery plastic bags in a regular garbage can and dump twice/day.
  • A fold up bike. I feel like I may have seen this on shark tank but I have yet to see it in stores. Unless you have a massive SUV or long trunk or put on a bike rack, you cannot travel anywhere with your bike. I have to drive to most bike trails to get my workout so it doesn’t end up happening.
  • A glaucoma eye test that doesn’t involve the air to the eyeball that makes me cringe and squirm and takes 15 minutes on wimps like me.

What would you add to this list?

One-offs: Netflix View Worthy

One-offs: Netflix View Worthy

I’m always looking for new shows to binge watch on Netflix and wanted to recommend some recent shows that have been really interesting and different.

Abstract – A series for art lovers, covers all mediums and documents the best of the best in each medium.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams – Fascinating documentary about cave paintings discovered and what was learned from them

Gypsy – A drama that has a really different take on client-patient relationships with a therapist and her patients.  Makes you think, has twists and turns.

Black Mirror – Each episode is it’s own show.  First one was intriguing.  Second episode not worth watching.  I’m half way through the third.  I mention this show just because each episode poses some interesting questions to the viewer.  Still undecided overall if I actually LIKE it.

The Stand Ups – I love comedians and the first season of them are funny as hell.  The second season, not as much but still worth checking out.