One-offs: Netflix View Worthy

One-offs: Netflix View Worthy

I’m always looking for new shows to binge watch on Netflix and wanted to recommend some recent shows that have been really interesting and different.

Abstract – A series for art lovers, covers all mediums and documents the best of the best in each medium.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams – Fascinating documentary about cave paintings discovered and what was learned from them

Gypsy – A drama that has a really different take on client-patient relationships with a therapist and her patients.  Makes you think, has twists and turns.

Black Mirror – Each episode is it’s own show.  First one was intriguing.  Second episode not worth watching.  I’m half way through the third.  I mention this show just because each episode poses some interesting questions to the viewer.  Still undecided overall if I actually LIKE it.

The Stand Ups – I love comedians and the first season of them are funny as hell.  The second season, not as much but still worth checking out.

One-offs: Two Movies to Check Out

One-offs: Two Movies to Check Out

I have 2 movies I enjoyed so much I wanted to recommend them briefly.

Tammy starring Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon:

I am admittedly a huge fan of Melissa, but even I was skeptical about this movie.  It was such a pleasant surprise.  It’s kinda corny, very funny, heartwarming and just might make you shed a tear.  The characters are all vulnerable in their own way and it makes for an endearing storyline.

Bad Words starring Jason Bateman:

Truly hysterical in its ability to toss around harsh digs and undeserving bullying, this movie is both a journey of discovery, friendship, and a bit of revenge.  The meanness of the main character is done in such a way that even though you deep down would die if it was your child, you are so busy laughing it does not phase you.  There is one scene in particular that crosses such a line and yet I never laughed harder at a scene in a movie.  And it all revolves around a Spelling Bee.

One-offs: The Mindy Project

One-offs: The Mindy Project

If you are a thirty-something adult and have not yet seen The Mindy Project tv show, you are seriously missing out.  I’ve always enjoyed Mindy Kaling as a writer, actress and comedian because I find her to be relatable, honest and of course funny.  And who can forget her character on The Office?  But that is not what has kept me watching the show.  I watch because it is truly hysterical.

The show tackles things no one else has ever discussed on television.  Whether poking fun at her weight or nationality, there is no shortage of absolute brilliance and bold, brash honesty with the writing. There is also a hint of feminism that I admire.  Her character recently used a nose hair trimmer in an episode in front of her boyfriend. She then tackled the issue of sex where her boyfriend declared ‘I slipped’ and proceeded to have an entire episode on the subject making this joke “My office only has one entrance and I don’t know if that’s good enough for you anymore.”


Some other one-liners that I enjoyed…

– I once dated a girl who got sea sick on my waterbed

– She says you’re like a thirsty camel in a desert oasis and I don’t know if she’s referring to your technique or…?
– I don’t know, I got a sex date with a 2 which means she’s a Chicago 4 which means she’s a Wisconsin 9.
– Bet you didn’t think with this bod, that I had a brain too and pretty good boobs.
– Great to see you, but do you have any idea how hard it was for me to get these kids interested in Christianity? I had to tell them the apostles were the original One Direction and they barely bought it.
– You sound pretty, like you lost weight.
– Jeremy: The key Mindy is to find a man who you are attracted to, but don’t respect and can’t see a future with.
Mindy: Draco Malfoy.
Jeremy: Someone not fictitious.
– Mindy: It’s like if Hermione liked Voldemort.
Shauna: I don’t know those words.
Set your DVRs, check it out.


One-offs: The Swiffer

One-offs: The Swiffer

How did people kill spiders before the Swiffer?  I have an extreme spider phobia, complete with the shakes, cold sweat, dizziness, it’s ridic.  So for someone like me, who wants nothing to do with spiders, but often finds herself home alone and having to kill one, this is a life saver!  Let me tell you, once you spot that thing you have to kill it.  This is not an option.  You cannot have that thing crawling around God knows where possibly crawling on you.  AND when you attempt to kill it, it has to be a one shot bulls eye that both kills and completely squashes every last inch of that thing, you can’t take any risk that you will miss it.

My Savior
My Savior

My handy dandy Swiffer allows me to:

  • Keep a good 4 feet distance from that spider
  • Hover over it closely ensuring I do not miss
  • A flat surface so that there are no grooves it can escape in
  • A large surface so I only have to take a quick peek at the spider, put up my Swiffer and crush
  • An easy to clean surface, one quick wipe (which is left for my husband.  I mean I killed it, I’m certainly not going up close to it and touching it)
  • You can easily rub it back and forth ensuring said spider has been completely quashed
  • Due to flat, large surface you can usually pull away the Swiffer and the spider doesn’t come falling down which could lead to screaming, more panic that it may be alive, etc.

In conclusion, I love my Swiffer.  It doesn’t wash floors great, but it’s great for gathering cobwebs and dust and of course what it was designed for, killing spiders!  Thank you my little green friend.

One-offs: Minus the Middle Man

One-offs: Minus the Middle Man

I decided to start naming my One-offs so you, the reader, has an idea of what they’re about since I do them so often.

Nothing would make me happier than to combine doctor’s offices and pharmacies, or at least to a degree.  For example, for prescriptions that are popular such as Amoxicillin, the Pill, etc. wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get them right then and there at the doctor’s office?  They have samples, why not actual prescriptions?  I can understand for the less prescribed drugs where you would still have to go to a pharmacy, but for the ones that are always used, why not?

Someone needs to get this going asap!



I got this incredible tip from my cousin’s husband on a recent trip to visit them where he cooked myself and my husband breakfast.  He puts his bacon in the oven at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes.  It keeps the bacon from shriveling up, you can fit more on a baking sheet than in a pan or on a plate in the microwave, and it doesn’t get crunchy.  It turns out almost entirely flat and more like soft jerky.  It is perfection.  I highly recommend it.

Baking Bacon



I just discovered a new term and I feel a bit like I’ve been living under a rock for not having heard of this until now.   I need to get out more.


Wikipedia: “Pangender people are those who do not wish to be labeled as female or male in gender, as they feel that they do not fit into binary genders because they feel they are all genders. The term has a great deal of overlap with genderqueer and is used by those in the LGBT community meaning “all genders.””

I find this intriguing.  How is this different from transgenders or transsexuals?  I’ll have to research more.