Christmas Experiment

Christmas Experiment

This year money was tight.  I had heard from a Twitter pal that last year she didn’t partake in gift giving.  I thought this was kind of a brilliant idea.  So while the main reason behind not doing gifts this year was because we are trying to save up money, an added bonus was to do a kind of Christmas experiment.

My husband and I let our families and friends know we would not be exchanging presents this year.  It was a little embarrassing at first, but in the end I realized we are doing what is best for the things we want in life.  Almost everyone we spoke to understood our situation and seemed fine with it.  Only one person didn’t really acknowledge it one way or another.

It is December 16th and I have not had to buy a single gift.  Not one.  It has been kind of amazing.  And I love giving presents.  It’s just the pressure of trying to figure out what to get everyone (half the people on my list have everything), finding time to shop, dealing with the crowds and crappy weather and the wrapping that takes away from the true spirit of Christmas.

Christmas treats

Without having to get gifts this year I am able to devote more time to my Christmas cards, relax and enjoy time with my husband and parrot, my friends and my family.  I’m watching Christmas movies.  I plan on making kolackies this year.  We were discussing doing some fun winter activity this weekend since there’s no last minute shopping to finish.  There’s so much time to just ENJOY the holiday.

It really has been nice.  Even if you aren’t strapped for cash this Christmas, I recommend taking a year off.  Sit back, relax, enjoy the company, the food, the decorations and your free time.