Playful Words

Playful Words

gobbledygook, fetch, cantankerous, cheeky, plethora, hullabaloo

ragamuffin, Brouhaha, Codswallop, Soliloquy, facetious, malarkey

persnickety, copacetic, curmudgeon, lackadaisical, maleficence

rigamarole, blasphemous, existential, destitute, philanthropic, voracity

prehensile, tenacity, eclectic, jettison, Facetious, Prodigal, alacrity

behemoth, Fortuitous, emulate, innocuous, transient, mercurial

conundrum, reticent, skedaddle, Tchotchke, translucent, ubiquitous



In reference to this article, as an over 30 gal, I will never stop saying “totes” and “amazeballs”.

I especially enjoy one I heard recently while watching Girls which was “obvi”, per Shoshanna.  Here’s some others that are too fun to say to give up:

  • awesomesauce (one word)
  • for shizz (an oldie but goodie)
  • delish
  • dodgy
  • dubs (for W)

Some that I wish would catch on:

  • knackered (drunk/tired)
  • tosh (nonsense)
  • todger (penis)
  • get it in (sex)
  • arvo (afternoon)

On the flip side I would be more than happy to get rid of:

  • YOLO
  • selfie
  • my boo
  • frenemy
  • just sayin

I’m outtie. Totes.  Toodles.