Tech and Older Generations

Tech and Older Generations

Watching my parents trying to get the hang of texting was hilarious.  I’d get everything from unintentional one word texts (where they wanted a space but hit “enter” instead) to misspellings galore (couldn’t figure out the backspace key) or all CAPS.  Trying to explain how to order something online was a whole new test in my patience.  When they first joined Facebook, I had to give them a tutorial on how to do everything from comment on a post to adding a photo.  I will never forget when my mom asked me “There’s this person, I can’t figure out who it is, who keeps asking me what’s on my mind.”  After trying to figure out what she was referring to without any luck, I had her show me.  Here’s what she was referring to:

status bar facebook


I couldn’t suppress the bursting of laughter that followed her pointing to the screen.

I’ll sit at the computer at my parent’s house figuring something online out for them and they will sit near me in awe at how fast I can navigate 5 pages at once.

I have to point out that both of my parents are highly intelligent and not completely un-tech savvy.  My mom especially has worked a computer, a fax, a multi-line phone system and more, so she knows her way around an office.  It’s just the “new” technology is SO new to them both.  I definitely give them credit for tackling it.  I know some people of my parent’s generation who don’t even own a computer and still have a flip phone.  The internet terrifies them.

Having not yet owned an iPad, Kindle or similar products, I’m sure I’ll need some crash courses on how to use them.  I can only imagine with the technology kids today are growing up with how much more advanced things will be by the time I have kids.  It will be my children’s turns to roll their eyes, laugh at me and push me out of the way to take over because I’m sure I will be as far removed at that point from most things tech as my parents are now.