Terrifying Movies & Why I Cant Get Enough

Terrifying Movies & Why I Cant Get Enough

I’ve seen some truly terrifying, nightmare inducing, check under the bed before you go to sleep, haunting movies.  Some resonated with me based on personal experiences I have had while others were just plain scary without relating in any way.

The Strangers:  Truly terrifying movie.  Resonated with me from the days when I babysat when I was younger and have been scared out of my wits by random noises I would hear or the thought of some stranger outside lurking.  Shudder worthy scene: the end when they are all standing there and take off their masks and they look like normal, regular people.

Fire In The Sky:  I believe in ufos.  I’ve seen one.  It made the papers and everything.  This movie is based on a true story.  Frightening from beginning to end, the experiments done to Travis during his abduction are enough to make you never want to venture outdoors ever again.  Shudder worthy scene:  The sheet covering him from head to toe when he is trying to break through and screaming.

The Blair Witch Project:  Lots of people hated this movie.  It made me afraid to go anywhere near a forest.  While in high school I hung out with a group of peers who liked to check out abandoned buildings/houses/etc.  Often times, we would have to walk through a dark, secluded area, sometimes a forest to get to them without drawing attention to ourselves.  So in the movie scenario I related to walking through a forest at night and odd markings on the walls in the abandoned house.  Shudder worthy scene:  Final scene when she is running through the house screaming for Josh and finds him standing facing the corner. 

A Nightmare on Elm Street:  I saw this when I was very young.  Like 2nd grade young.  Much too young to watch something so scary.  This movie made me afraid of my bed, afraid to dream and most of all, I would never even consider a bath.  I had nightmares for years from this movie.  Shudder worthy scene:  When the one girlfriend gets thrown all over the room and blood spouts out of the bed.

Paranormal Activity:  Having experienced paranormal things and always being intrigued by the paranormal the tension in this movie had me jumping at every turn.  Shudder worthy scene:  When the girlfriend is standing next to the bed while her boyfriend is asleep just barely rocking back and forth for hours.

Halloween:  This flick scares me to this day.  I see a Michael Meyers mask in a halloween shop and I run past it.  No joke.  High tension, fantastic music, child turned adult killer, escapes from a psych ward, black eyes, scary mask.  It has all the makings of a classic horror film and classic it is.  Shudder worthy scene:  When Jamie Lee Curtis’s character looks out the window and sees Michael Meyers standing among the sheets drying in the yard.

Scream:  Not traditionally scary, but chilling nevertheless.  From the beginning scene with Drew Barrymore hanging from a tree to the constant ‘make you jump’ moments combined with the comedic mocking of stereotypical horror films, this is a goodie.  After seeing this movie I was leery about going into my school’s bathroom when it was empty.  Shudder worthy scene:  eh, none come to mind on this one.

Insidious:  As long as I live I will never forget the scene in this movie of the devil creature standing in the corner of the bedroom while the boy is sleeping.  This is the best shudder worthy scene ever.

Sinister:  Has to be mentioned on this list for one reason:  it is the most disturbing movie I’ve ever seen.  Period.  It has scary parts but is mainly just highly disturbing.  This movie will haunt me for years to come.  Shudder worthy scene:  every scene!

If you’re looking for a thrill, a chill or a good scare, check these masterpieces out.