Workplace Bathroom Etiquette

Workplace Bathroom Etiquette

Let’s talk etiquette.  Workplace bathroom etiquette.

bathroom stall

Get in and get out.  Do not make phone calls, don’t wash your dishes, brush your teeth, fix your hair.

Did I mention do not make phone calls?  There is nothing more disgusting than knowing someone is having a conversation with someone else peeing or worse.

Along the same lines, if it is obvious someone is waiting for you to leave, GET OUT.  Don’t dilly dally.  The main signs someone is waiting for you to leave:  silence and frequent rolling of toilet paper.

If you go #2 flush often.  A LITTLE spray of something helps.  I know some people don’t like the spray but I’d rather smell that than poop.

If it’s obvious that someone walks into the bathroom and is unaware that someone else is in there, give a little cough or roll up some toilet paper.  Avoids potential embarrassment on both parts.

Flush the toilet.  I’m not sure how this crucial step in the process is missed.  Maybe because those potty training toilets don’t flush.  I don’t know, but flush.

I have not dealt with morning sickness, but I have been in there when someone was getting sick.  I can only imagine how awful it must be to have to vomit AT work in a SHARED toilet bowl.  The only thing to top that off would be to have to puke when someone else is there.  If possible, come back or use another bathroom.  (You are allowed to ask if the person is okay, because you never know if they may need help.  Then get out.)

Wash your hands.  I don’t care if you don’t touch any of your lady bits, the toilet handle, whatever.  You still have to wash your hands.  No exceptions.

If, God forbid, you have to use a unisex bathroom, brace yourself.

Men-this is not your home toilet.  Clean up any mess you make.  Including:  toilet paper, lingering hairs, skid marks on the toilet seat and anything else you may leave behind.  Pun intended.  There is nothing more disgusting than having to clean up the toilet mess left behind by anyone other than your spouse.  (And that is still gross).

Put the toilet seat down.  I don’t care.  No excuses.  Just do it.  You CAN pee with the seat down, we CANT pee with it up.

The motto to remember here is: Get in , Get out!